The Maze BF RDA Info & Features

Good morning folks, and welcome to another Vape Product Release Post. Today I am going to write about the brand new not yet released Vandy Vape Maze Sub Ohm BF RDA which is going to be a hit with a lot of people. This RDA measures 22.5mm (L) x 24mm (D). It has a 2ml Juice Capacity in a Reservoir with 2 juice filling modes. One way is through the normal Squonk Pin through the tubing, & the other is by filling up the Reservoir using the 510 pin. It is compatible with both Regulated Devices & Mechanical Devices. It’s the first ever produced Sub Ohm BF RDA. It has 5 different Air Flow directions. There are Replacement Coils available that come in .2 ohm resistance, ranging from 50W to 100W, and the recommended best wattage is 70W to 80W. The pricing ranges from $25 from China to about $30 coming from US Shops. There are a few shops already taking Pre-Orders, and we already placed ours with The Best Vape. They have it listed for a special Pre-Order price @ $27.99, and there are 3 colors available; Black, Gold, & Rainbow. The estimated ship date from Vandy Vape is around the January 17th which means it should arrive at Shops around the 22nd of January. Whenever it arrives at the place I ordered from it will definitely ship the following business day. They have super fast shipping & light speed order processing. I have order from these guys a lot of times and it’s always a terrific experience. Plus they usually send a few extra goodies like Vape Bands, Stickers, & Unicorn Bottles.

The stand out feature of this RDA is the Sub Ohm Coils, which means you don’t always have to build coils or install coils. You can just screw on the Replacement Coil and be on your way. Easy as 1, 2, 3. That is the main reason I am picking one of these up. The convenience is a definite plus and will be very popular with a lot of the vaping community. These are probably going to see out fast so we recommend getting your order in as soon as possible to guarantee you get one from the first batch. Well that is it for now, we hope you enjoyed this info on the Maze Sub Ohm BF RDA by Vandy Vape.