Pulse BF 80W Accessories

Morning everyone. Today we are back again just to tell you all about a few new products that are super hot and trending in the Vape Community. Vandy Vape recently announced their new product the Pulse BF 80W Box Mod With Gene Chip. This is by far the most talked about and most anticipated Squonk Device of the year, maybe many years. And we all know they don’t stop with just the Device. They always release multiple accessories to go with it. For this brand new product they have the Pulse BF 80W Replacement Panels In Resin & Carbon Fiber. There are 4 Resin Designs / Colors to choose from & 2 Carbon Fiber Designs. The 4 Resin Styles are; Lava Red, Fantastic Blue, Aurora Rainbow, & Seaweed Green. And the 2 Carbon Fiber Designs are; Full Black & Silver / Black. The prices for these range from $8.99 to $17.99. Just a quick note about these, they will not fit the original Pulse BF Box Mod.

The other accessory they are releasing is the 8mL Pulse BF 80W Replacement Bottles in multiple options. They come in 8 different colors; Black, Green, Blue, Clear, Red, Orange, Purple, & Yellow. This is the usual colors they have for all their Pulse BF Accessories. So this was not a complete surprise. Between the Panels & Bottles this leaves tons of customization to choose from. These Bottles are made of Food Grade Silicone so they are safe to use. There is also a special grip on these new ones so that they are easier to hold and refill. Or you can just buy some of the Refill Bottles they make, these come in two sizes, 30mL & 50mL. These Refill Bottles make life so much easier and cleaner. Just a quick note about these, they will not fit the original Pulse BF Box Mod.

I will be Pre-Ordering both of these Pulse BF 80W Accessories from my favorite shop The Best Vape. They have these available for Pre-Order right now, & I already Pre-Ordered the Pulse BF 80W Box Mod With Gene Chip from them. The estimated arrival date for these products is not known or set in stone yet. It can  change any day depending on the Manufacturer, materials, and any number of variables. This is why they don’t give a release so early on. Either way regardless of when they get to me I am super excited to be getting my hands on these products. I love Vandy Vape products and I love the Pulse BF Line. The price of the Regulated Mod ranges from $60 to $90 depending on he shop you Pre-Order from. the Best Vape has them for $70 to $77 which is very reasonable and fair. Keep in mind their are 2 versions of the Mod that are available, a Standard & the High End Version. The only difference is that the High End Version comes with a Vandy Vape 30mL Refill Bottle, in Clear I think. So for the few dollars more it is definitely worth it because the Retail price for the Bottle is over $10.

Well there you go, you now have the latest information about the soon to be released & hottest product of the year by Vandy Vape.