The Pulse BF Kit Is Gorgeous

Hey peeps, and welcome to my thoughts. This article will be about the Super Hot new Product by Vandy Vape called the Pulse BF Kit. They really did an amazing job on this one. We aren’t too happy with the company these days, too many new product releases within a short period of time. They have to give Shops more time with each product, because every time they release a new one people stop buying the older ones. And this really hurts businesses’ because it leaves them with thousands of dollars in inventory that they can’t sell. They need to give Shops at least a month to sell a Product without releasing anything new. It’s just not fair to these shops. Vandy Vape knows that every new product they release will sell like crazy, so now they are just operating out of greed, and it’s a bad look for them. If they keep it up they will get a bad reputation like SMOK, for releasing too many products too fast.

About the Pulse BF Kit, it comes in 9 beautiful colors; Ultem, Frosted White, Frosted Red, Frosted Blue, Frosted Green, Frosted Pink, Frosted Orange, Frosted Cyan, & Frosted Yellow. The most popular colors are the Ultem, Blue, & of course the Green. My favorite is the Green. The best part about this product is that they offer all the colors as Replaceable Panels, Replaceable Bottles, & they also have matching Drip Tips sold separately. Panels, Bottles, & Drip Tips, all Available to purchase which allows you to completely customize or change the color of your device at any time in a matter of seconds. The possibilities are almost endless. Just buy one device and then buy the Panels or Bottles or Drip Tips. This was a great decision on their part, and they really did a great job on these Colors.

The other special thing about this Kit is that it comes with the Pulse 24 RDA, but not just any old Pulse 24 RDA, a special Edition Matte Black version that matches perfectly with the device.

The pricing seems to be starting at around $49.99 up to $69.99. We recommend checking out The Best Vape who has it listed for a really good price, $58.00 for the Frosted Colors & $60.00 for the Ultem. The 2 Colors they have in stock right now are Ultem & Frosted White. They are expecting the remaining colors to arrive later today (12/22/17) or worst case tomorrow, Friday 23rd. Whatever day it arrives it will ship the following business day. They have turbo shipping, rocket speed order processing, top notch customer service, excellent website, premium packaging, Secret Envelope Labeling not mentioning Vape, & are all around a excellent company to do business with.

There are hundreds of new products being released weekly and a majority of them suck, that’s just the truth. But, this Kit by Vandy Vape is a great Squonk Kit that is super affordable, looks awesome, doesn’t break because there is no electronics, and is the perfect beginner, intermediate, or advanced setup for any Squonkers out there.

We recommend picking this up from The Best Vape, or your favorite Online Shop, or a B&M near you that you trust.

We hope you found this post useful and if you have any questions about the Pulse BF Lot by Vandy Vape please ask in the comments.